Generating Well-being

Actions that generate well-being for families, the environment and the community.

We Generate Family Well-Being

Improving the quality of family life through quality, nutritional and healthy products.

  • 15 lines of healthy products for Ecuadorian homes.
  • 1.472 items of our brands contribute to family well-being.
  • We serve 106.014 clients.

We Generate Environment Well-being

We maximize the protection of nature, supporting resource preservation.

  • Since 2015 we have developed 74 environmental projects within our operation centers.
  • 633,337 trees planted along 1,200 hectares, across the country. This number will increase in January 2018 when the planting process ends.
  • 13 % of total CO2 emissions were absorbed through our reforestation programs.
  • Decrease in 9.7% of our emissions through the development of energy efficiency and waste management programs.
  • Reduction in 19% of the water footprint generated by our Company through our water management programs.

We Generate Social Well-being

Generating economic value through growth shared with other groups of interest.

  • 35,000 indirect jobs generated.
  • 7,784 indirect jobs generated.
  • 3,641 suppliers are a part of our production chains.
  • 63,459 people benefit from food aid.
  • 878 students from the Educational Units of Bucay and Valle Hermoso are supported by us.
  • 554 graduates of our program “Nunca es tarde para aprender” NETPA (“It is never too late to learn”), who help our collaborators obtain their high school diploma.

Learn about the support of the “San Luis Foundation”, that educates 880 children and adolescents, feeds 20,000 people in vulnerable areas of the country and has helped 554 high school students graduate, with its Program “Nunca es tarde para aprender” (“It’s never too late to learn”)